Lecture hall/Föreläsningssal 6 - F106 (Falun)

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    If you want to take part in the chat and ask the teacher questions, you must log in. You will find a log-in button when you are in the room. If you choose to take part as a guest (and not log in), you can watch and listen to the lecture, but you cannot take part in the chat. If you change your mind, you can always log in.


    The interface adjusts to the size of your screen and works on computers, tablets and smartphones.

    The Player

    In the player, you can see the lecturer or the lecturer’s material (e.g., a PowerPoint presentation or webpage).

    The Chat Window

    In the chat window, you can see what attendees are writing. You can also see status messages, such as when the teacher can take questions, when streaming has been paused and so on.

    Participant List

    In the participant list, you can see who is chatting. If a guest has written a guest name, this will show in the list. Drag the mouse over the name to see if the person is logged in or is a guest. You can also see if there are additional guests who have not written a guest name.

    Ask the Teacher and Participants Questions During the Lecture

    When the teacher starts the streaming, you can, if you are logged in, write a question or comment and address the “Audience”, “Teacher” or “Teacher & audience”. If you choose “Teacher” only, the question/comment will appear on the teacher’s classroom screen and will be responded to orally. If you have chosen the Audience alternatives, your question/comment will be visible in the chat window.


    If you need help with the Videochat, please contact our support desk: phone +46 23 77 88 88, press 2; or email support@du.se; or visit us in our Connect Supportcafé.

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